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 Corrugated metaal RoofingCorrugated metal roofing is rippled metal sheets used for roofing applications. Corrugated metal roofing is most commonly used for commercial, agricultural, and industrial purposes, however, it is now also being recognized as an excellent form of residential roofing. Corrugated sheet metal roofing has been in use for over a century and has since been developed to prevent rusting and even enhance its attributes. The galvanizing of corrugated metal sheet roofing also protects against corrosion in air and water, and has allowed corrugated metal roofing to become one of the most durable and withstanding roofing materials available.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Characteristics

A corrugated metal roof is one of the strongest around, so tough that it has an expected life of about 50 plus years. Corrugated metal sheet roofing is also extremely weatherproof, and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as hailstorm, heat, snow, storms, and even hurricanes, as they are able to contract and relax with heat. Galvanized corrugated metal roofing is also non-combustible and fire resistant, and contrary to common doubts, is the safest roofing option for lightning strike prone areas. Furthermore, corrugated metal roofing is environmentally friendly and is completely recyclable. It is also able to reflect some of the sun’s rays, and can hence partially reduce your heating and cooling bills. Another important advantage of corrugated metal roofing is that it is lightweight, which not only puts less stress on the underlying walls and materials, but also means that it does not require much framework and support. The lightweight also makes installing corrugated metal roofing a simple and therefore inexpensive process.

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