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Metal roofs are a good choice for areas that experience high winds. They withstand far higher mile-per-hour winds than composition shingles. The metal roofing material only weighs approximately one seventh what a shingle roof does, putting less stress on the house's structure.

Metal roofs are fireproof, which is not only safer but may result in lower insurance premiums. Roof longevity is a factor for the homeowner planning to stay in the home. Although a metal roof costs more initially, in the long run it's less expensive. Most metal roof manufacturers will give a guarantee of about fifty years but we believe this is a conservative estimate.

Metal roofs need not look commercial. Some styles look like conventional shingles and others look like cedar shakes shingles. Homeowners can expect to pay about 30% more for a metal roof compared to a composition shingle roof. It all depends on the weather conditions and the length of time the homeowner expects to stay in the home.

  • Metal roofs do not rust or fail
  • Metal roofs are lighter than other materials
  • Metal roofs can be installed directly over old asphalt shingles, eliminating the need to pay out extra for removal of your old roof.

Metal roofs are more expensive up front, but when you consider that this is one of those home improvements that pays itself off over time in longevity, protection, and reduced maintenance needs, it's easy to see why metal roofing is worth every dime, no matter how much the cost.

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