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 Tile ShinglesComposite Shingles are made of clay or cement, and available in many colors and textures. These composite shingles are very heavy and require a very strongly framed roof to carry the weight. The roof will be highly durable and will last for a long time. They are mostly common in warm climate areas and are very expensive.

Composite shingles are available in a flat shingle or a barrel-shaped shingle. The shingles are available in a variety of colors to match any home.

Concrete shingles are made be mixing sand, cement and color pigment together. The concrete is poured into a shingle mold and allowed to harden, then removed from the mold. Clay shingles are slightly more labor intensive. The clay is rolled out and cut into the appropriate form, the shingle is fired in a kiln, than a glaze or finish is applied, and the shingle is fired again in the kiln.

Composite shingles are very durable once they are on the roof. Many composite manufactures will warranty the shingles for 50 years. However, the shingles are breakable in shipping or when being applied to the roof. Homeowners should expect a certain percentage of breakage or damage and adjust their material purchase accordingly. The shingles also may break if a branch falls upon the roof, or if walked upon.

Composite shingle roofs are long lasting, fire resistant and great for insulating. However, they are much more expensive than standard asphalt shingles (as much as 3 times the cost). Composite shingle roofs, especially the clay composites are best suited for hot, dry climates. They are not always appropriate for cold, wet climates because they can crack from severe cold or frost and allow water to seep through. These shingles also must be expertly applied. Professional installation is required. If installed incorrectly, the composite shingle might not be seated well and again, could cause water damage, or be more likely to fly off in strong winds. These Composite shingles are extremely heavy and need a strong roof surface and supporting joists to withstand the weight of the composite shingles. They also require a certain roof pitch; they are not ideal for flat roofs. Roofs must be of a 4 in 12 pitch or greater.

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