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Imitation Slate Roofing Finding the right combination of good looks and protection for your roof often turns out to be challenging. Some homeowners try using different shingles to achieve the right look. However, a more popular and successful approach is to use imitation slate shingles.

Imitation slate shingles, available in many textures and colors, are highly durable and have a lifetime warranty. However, they are costly since the weight of the shingles makes labor intensive. They also require a strong roof frame to support their weight. Rosselli Roofing & Siding will give you all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of roofing. Here we’ll look at some of the advantages and other factors surrounding their use as a viable, affordable roofing system.

Disadvantages of Real Slate Roofing

The biggest disadvantage of real slate roofing is that effective maintenance should only be left to professional roofing contractors. This can prove costly when only one shingle needs replacing. Walking on a real slate roofs will invariable cause some damage also, so only professionals should complete the work.

What are Imitation Slate Roof Shingles?

 Imitation Slate ShinglesIn order to create the effect of slate and yield protection, imitation slate shingles are the better choice. Made from recycled rubber, they are extremely durable, easily maintained or replaced, and recyclable.

Cost of Imitation Slate Roof Shingles

The cost of imitation slate shingles is significant, but it is comparative. If you want a standard slate roof, you will find that recycled rubber imitation slate shingles are approximately half the cost of standard slate. However, when compared to asphalt or other types of roofing materials, the cost is considerably more. Asphalt shingles offer limited life and they need to be replaced, they last hundreds of years in landfills. With recycled rubber shingles, you can expect at least 50 to 100 years use before it is recycled. Additionally, the cost of having your roof repaired or maintained will be less expensive.

Rosselli Roofing & Siding specialize in difficult assignments, frequently using extraordinary materials and demanding techniques. So, if you're looking for something unique or just a project done correctly, you've come to the right professionals to do the jobWe've Got You Covered!

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