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 Cedar Shake Siding example form Rosselli Roofing & SidingCedar shake siding is distinguished by being made up of small pieces of cedar that are attached to an exterior wall in a shingle formation. This enhances the rustic appearance of the cedar, but also means that installing shake siding is much more labor intensive than most other wood siding.

A cedar shake is a wedge-shaped piece of wood that is installed vertically in long rows. Most of the time, the face of a shake is split, not sawed. Some manufacturers, however, offer both options, but the split face is considered more traditional. Splitting the shake also emphasizes the grooves in the wood, enhancing the appearance of the overall shingle. The face of a split shake, however, is much rougher than a sawed face shake. Some advantages of using cedar shake siding is that it...

  • Resists Warping
  • Resists Shrinking
  • Resists Insect Damage
  • Resists Rot

Cedar Grades and Appearance

In order to judge the quality and potential longevity of cedar wood, grades have been introduced to help inform homeowners. Grade A cedar is considered the best type of lumber, but it is far more expensive than other grades. Let Rosselli Roofing & Siding help you with your budget concerns when buying cedar siding, sometimes Grade B lumber is appropriate, or even desirable from an aesthetic viewpoint.

Cedar Appearance Classification

  • Clear – Clear siding has a smooth uniform appearance with few knots or other visible problems. Grade A clear heartwood siding is the most expensive of all cedar wood types. Grade B has a few imperfections, but is still perfectly acceptable for exterior use.
  • Knotty – homeowners who are considering cedar shake siding often prefer knotty siding for its appearance. This type of siding does not have particular grades because knots are desired. The best type of cedar siding is called select knotty siding, which is distinguished from other types of knotty siding, because the knots are small and have little effect on the overall stability of the wood. Larger knots may be preferred aesthetically, but can cause problems with the stability of the wood itself.

Cedar shake siding can be an excellent exterior finish for many types of homes. However, the prep work to install it may be far greater than other exterior siding options and may require some other exterior home renovations and repairs before installation can begin.

Rosselli Roofing & Siding specialize in difficult assignments, frequently using extraordinary materials and demanding techniques. So, if you're looking for something unique or just a project done correctly, you've come to the right professionals to do the jobWe've Got You Covered!

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