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Brick Siding Brick homes have stood the test of time – many are still standing after hundreds of years of weathering the elements. Brick, which is fired clay, comes in more colors than just brick red, giving it an added quality. The colors range within the earth tone palette. Worrying about repairs is unlikely for a good 25 years or so, and that makes every homeowner smile. The expense of a brick exterior may seem daunting, but should be somewhat alleviated by the knowledge that your house is here to stay. If the price is just too much, you might consider brick veneer. There’s always a payoff, however; in this case, less money means less durability.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar Shingle Siding Cedar shakes look great in natural settings, and if the natural look is important to you, then cedar shakes may be the answer. The shakes are usually stained in earth tones. This is a great look with less upkeep than clapboard that needs painting periodically.

Hardie Plank™/Fiber Cement

Engineered Siding Made with wood products and other materials to look like wood, these engineered materials are far less expensive than using wood for siding. Engineered or composite wood comes in long panels that are easily installed and will give a neat, seamless look to your home.

Seamless Steel

Seamless Steel Siding Anything made of steel is going to be durable, and seamless steel siding is no exception. It can be manufactured to resemble wood textures. Unlike vinyl, it does not shrink or bulge when the temperature rises and falls. There’s no splicing done during installation and you’ll not have to worry about peeling paint. It can be cut to the exact measurements of your home, giving it a very finished, long lasting look.


Stone Siding Stone is the most enduring of all the various materials that can be used for siding. Besides the eye appeal, stone gives to homes, rain, snow, ice, and heat have little effect on it. Just as stone is high in durability, it’s also high in price. You can opt for less expensive cultured stone from Corning, which is pre-cast stone veneer and facing.


Stucco Siding Stucco is nothing more than cement combined with water and other ingredients like sand or lime. This method of creating a shell for houses has been around since the Renaissance because of its strength and durability. The rock hard surface is solid and keeps moisture out. There are also synthetic stuccos available. Although they look authentic, the synthetic stucco offers less durability. Only you can decide if price or durability is most important to you.


Vinyl Siding Vinyl siding is a plastic made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. The advantages of never having to worry about rot and flaking paint makes this exterior covering attractive to many consumers. However, with a lower price come problems. Vinyl siding has a tendency to crack, split, and look faded and dingy after a few years. Manufacturers have made improvements on these problems, but they still exist. The environmentally conscious may not want to choose vinyl due to the problems it creates when it is removed – PVC's release toxins when burned, making vinyl environmentally-unfriendly.

Wood Clapboard

Wood Clapboard Siding Wood siding has been used for hundreds of years, and seeing a 300-year-old clapboard house is testimony to the durability of wood when properly maintained. Cedar, pine, spruce, redwood, cypress, or Douglas firs are the woods used most often. Pine holds finishes extremely well, giving it added value.

Now that you’ve discovered the varieties of siding available, it’s time to check them out in person. Sit down and figure out your budget. You’ll want to have a figure in mind when you talk with a contractor. If you know someone, who has recently resided their home or is building a home, give them a call and pick their brain for information that will aid you. Search through home design magazines to give you a good idea of what the finished look will be. Siding is usually sold by the square foot, with prices ranging from $60 to $2400/sq ft plus. Measure your home and figure as closely as possible the square footage needed to side your home. Jot down any questions that you may have and ask us questions until you’re satisfied. We’ll be happy to show you our work beforehand so there will not be any surprises once the project begins.

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