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 Drexel Metal CorporationRosselli Roofing & Siding is proud to announce our latest product and service... Solar Panel Installation! We are constantly in search for the best products at the best prices to help protect and provide you home in safety and comfort. And especially in today’s difficult economy, there is no better place to start than with cost-effective energy.

GE’s GERVp-200-MS 200 Watt Photovoltaic Solar Panel Module for 600-Volt Applications
Especially Compatible with Standing Seam Metal Roofing!

GE 200 Watt Photovoltaic Module for 600 Volt Applications  General Electric logoFeatures

  • 54 Poly-crystalline Cells Connected in Series
  • Peak Power of 200 Watts at 26.3 Volts
  • Designed for Optimum Use in Residential and Commercial Grid-tied Applications
  • 25-year Limited Warranty on Power Output
  • 5-year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship
  • Junction Box and Two-Meter Cable with Easy-click Solarlok Connectors


  • Output Power Tolerance of ±5%
  • Robust Clear Anodized Aluminum Frame

Solar Energy System Meter

 Solar Energy System MeterComplement your photovoltaic system with GE’s Solar Energy Performance Meter. Now you can compare how much energy you are using with how much your PV system is producing in an informative and easy-to-read way. View real-time, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly power and energy data at the touch of a button. In addition, 900 MHz wireless communications allows more flexibility in placement within the home and reduces installation costs. It’s time to see your solar system at work!

Drexel Solar

The FlexLight

With high-temperature and low-light performance, it has the flexibility and lightweight that is virtually unbreakable, while only weighing 1 pound/square foot, compared to 5-pounds/square foot for traditional solar systems. It adheres directly to the roof without penetrations and approved for roofing manufacturer warranties.

With its Triple Junction Technology, it captures the complete solar spectrum efficiently and generates electricity at low light levels, producing more electricity/watt than any other system.


Performance Characteristics

  • Rated Power (Pma): 68W
  • Production tolerance: ±5%

Construction Characteristics

  • 20-Year Warranty on Power Output at 80%
  • Dimensions: Length 112.1" (2849mm) x 15.5" (394mm) Width x 0.2" (4mm) Depth, 0.6" (16mm) with Junction Box
  • Weight: 8.7 lbs (3.9kg) – less than one pound per square foot
  • Output Cables: 0.1" (2.5mm) x 2 cables with weatherproof DC rated quick-connect terminals, 22" (560mm) long
  • Bypass Diodes: Connected across every solar cell: this protects the solar cell from power loss in case of partial shading or damage of individual solar cell while other cells are exposed to full sunlight
  • Adhesive: Ethylene propylene copolymer adhesive sealant with microbial inhibitor
  • Cell Type: 11 triple junction amorphous silicon solar cells 14" x 9.4" (356mm x 239mm) connected in series

Qualifications and Safety

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for electrical and fire safety (Class A, max Slope 2/12, Class 8, max Slope 3/12, and Class C, unlimited Slope fire ratings) for use in systems up to 600 VDC. Meets IEC 61646 requirements.

Rosselli Roofing & Siding specialize in difficult assignments, frequently using extraordinary materials and demanding techniques. So, if you're looking for something unique or just a project done correctly, you've come to the right professionals to do the jobWe've Got You Covered!

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